EEX European Gas Index – EGIX (API, RT)

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EEX European Gas Index – EGIX (API, RT)

This subscription gives you access to real-time market data for EEX European Gas Index – EGIX.

The service is intended for internal and external usage. The data is provided in XML, JSON, and CSV format.

The European Gas Index – EGIX is based on exchange trades which are concluded in the respective current front month contracts (THE). The European Gas Index – EGIX corresponds to the current market price for gas deliveries in the next month at any time and, as a result, it is optimally suited to gradually replace or supplement gas supply contracts on the basis of natural gas substitutes (such as oil or coal).

The European Gas Index – EGIX will be provided on a daily basis on trading days.

The documentation for the EEX Group DataSource API can be found here.

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