EEX HYDRIX (ExcelTool, RT)

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EEX HYDRIX (ExcelTool, RT)

This product provides you with access to real-time index prices for EEX GREEN HYDRIX. Use dynamic charts/ graphs and tables with real-time streaming and historical prices as well as option analytics. Easy access via plugin. Data will be automatically imported into your Excel.

EEX GREEN HYDRIX is an index that reflects the price for green hydrogen offered in Germany and is the first market-based index that is determined from supply and demand. The index value is the unweighted arithmetic mean of pricing data (buy and/or sell side) provided by credible companies with an established track record within the hydrogen area.

EEX GREEN HYDRIX will be provided on weekly basis and made available every Wednesday at 4 pm CET/CEST.

PLEASE NOTE: The installation file and a detailed description of the tool can be found in the zip file here on this page under the button "Download Specifications".

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