EEX Natural Gas Spot – ZTP: Orders & Trades (Cloud Stream API, RT)

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EEX Natural Gas Spot – ZTP: Orders & Trades (Cloud Stream API, RT)

This subscription gives you real-time access to all trades and the full order book (Level 3) for the EEX Gas Spot market area ZTP via a cloud-based web-socket API.

*Please note that End of Day Index is not included in the subscription.

**In addition to the subscription fee, a variable fee will be charged from 2025 for the data volume retrieved trough EEX Cloud Stream API.


EEX Cloud Stream API

  • EEX Cloud Stream API is a smart solution for streaming Real-time Information through a web-socket API
  • Standard API delivery mechanism without the need for physical connectivity provides you with easy to implement, flexible, and reliable data access
  • 24/7 data streaming enables you to update your own solution without requesting new data every time
  • Data is available in highly scalable and standardized format (JSON and Google Protocol Buffers) 
  • Level 3 data for the full order book, all trades, and instrument data


Designed for

  • Financial Information Providers
  • Retail Brokers
  • Information Vendors
  • End Users with need for condensed data via easy-access


Benefits and Features

  • Cost efficient way to access Information
  • No need for physical leased lines
  • Easy-to-connect via internet connection
  • No need to manage separate infrastructure


Access Methods

  • Access via Public Internet
  • Access via Private Cloud
FROM: € 90.00 / MONTH
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