EEX Transparency Data Power (API, RT)

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EEX Transparency Data Power (API, RT)

EEX supports your decisions in the European power markets with fundamental information:

  • Master data on companies, facilities as well as generation, storage and consumption units for 17 countries
  • Urgent Market Messages (UMMs) straight from the source in real-time
  • Time series data including long-term available capacity, generation forecasts, actual generation per source and unit

EEX API Transparency Power

“With our EEX Transparency Data API, we deliver high quality fundamental data for power in Europe.”

The service you get

  • The most recent available fundamental data in Europe to fine-tune your trading strategy
  • Improve your assessments of energy prices and other commodities based on the actual forecast, capacity, and availability data
  • High availability and easy connectivity via the EEX Group Transparency API
  • Comprehensive documentation and customer support


The data you get from EEX Transparency Data Power API

  • Real-time updates on actual generation, outages and available capacity in the major European electricity markets
  • Full access to historical data from 2009 onwards


Your Advantages

  • Easy and efficient integration via REST API
  • 1,000+ UMMs every day
  • Data provided directly by 220+ reporting companies
  • Unique capacity and outage data from 1 MW


This subscription provides you with access to real-time and historical transparency data for power markets. The service is intended for internal or external use. The data is provided in XML, CSV, and JSON format.

FROM: € 550.00 / MONTH
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