EPEX SPOT Market Data & ISVs offering

EPEX SPOT Market Data & ISVs offering

EPEX SPOT offers a wide range of data sets covering all our market areas, available through different modalities: From running subscriptions for data updated on a daily basis to access to one-shot historical data files – our data offer fits your needs.

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Prices of our subscriptions vary according to data usage. They are displayed per month in our Webshop for an internal usage within the same legal entity only. All products are invoiced on a yearly basis.

During the order process, you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire concerning the usage you will make of the data you purchase. Usage can be internal, within your company only, or external, such as data display on a website, indexation, redistribution, use in marketing brochures etc. In the event of external usage of EPEX SPOT data, our market data team will send you a quote with the exact amount for the service required and you will then enter into an agreement with EPEX SPOT.


Types of services

Our Market Data offer covers different types of services:

  • FTP or webshare access: Grants access to downloadable CSV files with public market results
  • API access : Grants real-time access to the production data (all trades and orders)
  • Offer for ISV : Grants access to dedicated environment for the development of real-time interfaces with EPEX SPOT trading systems

If you are a trading member of EPEX SPOT, be reminded that you can also access public market data via our Webshop for internal usage for free on the market you are active on.

All our members are granted a 20% discount on our market data offer.


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Our EEX Group Webshop gives you access to a wide range of spot data, as well as to E-Learning modules available for all levels of expertise. You can browse our offer, select the packages that fit your needs and purchase them directly online. If you have any questions on our offers and conditions of usage, feel free to contact our Market Data team. (marketdata.sales@epexspot.com)

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